What's Trending: Your Summer 2021 Clip-on Earring Guide

Hot girl summer is just around the corner, and with the new season comes exciting trends that we can't wait for you to get your hands on. From quirky fun charms to classic hoops, there is a style for everyone this summer. So sit back, relax, and let's get into some trends that you will be rocking on your ears!


Chain Link Earrings

For our first trend, we are focusing on chains. They have been on every single runway show this past year, and we are in love. This industrial trend is incredibly versatile and is a new way of incorporating a unique style into your jewelry box while not straying too far from your staple silver and gold pieces. 


If you are looking to include this trend in your style, you should check out our Asymmetrical Curb Chains.


Dainty Unique Charms

While big and bold statement earrings have been all the rage and don't seem to be going away any time soon, we are looking to make a statement in a smaller way this summer. Dainty charms with cute and quirky designs start to speak volumes over the more traditional tassels and shoulder-length drops we have seen in past seasons. We suggest wearing our Crystalline Pineapple Studs for a bright and fresh summer look perfect for a beach day with the girls for this trend. 



Glitzy Earrings

After a year of staying in sweats and loungewear, we have all been craving glamour in our life. That's why we are so pumped about this trend because we can finally dress up a little bit and truly sparkle. 


Another reason why we are so obsessed with participating in this trend is that we are coming off the heels of binge-watching epic dramas like The Crown and Bridgerton, which have been filled with jaw-dropping styles that we are just waiting to adopt. So if you are looking to feel a little royal and sport a sparkling glow, our Star Jasmin Drops or Tears of Joy Clip-ons will do the trick.


Golden Hoops

The 90s called, and guess what, hoops are still in fashion! Hoop earrings have been the go-to basic for the past couple of seasons, and we see their popularity continue into the summer of this year. Whether you are rocking small huggie hoops or larger-than-life ones, get you a pair and keep them in your jewelry box because these staples aren't going away any time soon. clip-on_gold_hoop_earrings

Are you looking for the perfect hoops to add to your wardrobe? Our Aaliyah Hoops will make you feel like a 90s diva. 


Stacks on stacks

This summer, the more, the merrier, which means it's time to stack up your earrings. Hoops, studs, and cuffs can all be stacked together to create a new and unique look that is all your own. And with all-out styles being non-piercing pieces, you can change up the stacking placements with no permanent holes to your ears. 

While we think all of our earrings can step up to the task of stacking, if you are a beginner at layering your earring look, we suggest doing it with our Butterfly Dreams Stack Set.


Mix and Match

Finally, we are done playing it safe with our earring choices, and we are, repeat after us, mixing it up! From Asymmetrical drops to mixing metals and pairing a stud with a drop earring, we are no longer going to be strangers to taking a risk. We've been seeing some of our favorite influencers and stylists break fashion rules and mix and match their earring looks, so why shouldn't we?heart_clip-on_earrings

This trend is for sure a bit more daring than the others and takes a bit more thought to decide how you will pair two earrings together without them completely clashing. In our opinion, an easy way to start is by keeping a similar shape. We suggest pairing one of our Queen of Hearts studs with our Silver Beaded Heart. Though different in style, they are identical in shape and color and will pair beautifully with one another.


Just remember that this summer is all about bringing fun and fresh styles to perk up your wardrobe while staying true to the staples that have kept you going. 

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