Zoom Dew Drop Clip-on Huggies in Gold EARA
Zoom Dew Drop Clip-on Huggies in Gold EARA

Dew Drop Clip-on Huggies in Gold

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We have taken a spin on a classic by giving your favorite gold hoops a bit of an upgrade. These hood earrings are the perfect staple for any minimalist style. With a sleek base and a simple rhinestone teardrop detail, they re sure to be the ideal fit for any outfit.

Material               18k gold-plated, cubic zirconia


Length                  1 in / 26 mm


Weight                  2g/pc


Earring Closure   Sliding spring earrings

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ruocong Cai
Pretty but not durable

I've worn these earrings for 8 months now, not daily, but typically several days a week. My first pair, the sliding part came out within a week of wear. Eara was kind enough to send me a replacement for free. Was happily wearing them for the remaining 8 months, until randomly, a tiny piece of the non-sliding part fell off, exposing the spring and rendering the earring unwearable. At this point I think I'll just match the two unbroken earrings from both pairs to form a new set.

These earrings are beautiful, they really do look like little dew drops/crystals dangling from your ears, and no one can tell you're wearing clipons. Having said that, when they say they're not recommended for thicker earlobes, they mean it. I realized from wearing these that my right earlobe is thicker than my left, which causes pain there after extended wear, while my left earlobe feels nothing. I've expanded the earrings to the widest they can go (possibly how one broke in my first pair), and my right ear is still consistently sore, but I think the look is worth it.


Really beautiful but painful to wear. Needs a rubber barrier like the other ones and they would be perfect!

Absolutely love these, they look like actual regular earrings!

These are my absolute favourite earrings ever! I have botched piercings so I can't wear regular earrings anymore but these look like actual real earrings especially since they kind of slide into my old piercing spot, so it looks almost as if I really have actual earrings on. And they stay on SO well! I can wear them whole day, every day, and even others have said these look so so real. If there's anything to complain, ears may hurt just a little bit after long wearing since it kind of digs into the ear, but it's really nothing major. I absolutely adore these earrings, real gamechangers!


Very beautiful but painful to wear.


Love it

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