Our Story

A portmanteau of the words ear and era, the name EARA is a wholehearted vision to transform the norm of getting our ears pierced, by providing another option with contemporary, comfortable, and affordable non-pierced earrings. For all too long, those of us who choose not to pierce our ears, or have sensitive ears, we are forced to be content with the limited selection of earrings available to us, here at EARA we aim to change that. 

We prioritize comfort in our selection so you can be at ease with being who you are - you.

Rooted in Self Care

A significant reason why we are insistent on giving you options is that we promote self-love and self-care as a top priority, and that starts with how you take control and take care of your outer body. We want you to feel good, look good, and have the pressure of piercings taken off of you. Pierced or not, you will find something that speaks to your style and personality.