10 Best Clip-on earrings for the Bride

As a bride, you want everything on your wedding day to be perfect! From the shoes, you wear to the showstopping dress. While jewelry may seem like an afterthought, it's something that can accentuate your wedding look and take it to new heights. So if you are looking for suggestions on clip-on earrings that may complete your look, we've got you covered.


The Blushing Bride

This Bride is all about elegance and grace as they walk down the aisle on their wedding day, and these beauties embody it perfectly. The EARA Tears of Joy drops are what you think of when you think bridal. Their classic teardrop shape paired with stunning and showstopping shine will make any bride blush with joy.


The Classic Girl

If sleek and sophisticated is your bridal style, look no further than these timeless and elegant teardrops with stunning pearl accents. While some brides may be all about the glitz and glam, you look for accessories that blend seamlessly into your bridal look for the big day. These are the perfect complement to a simple and classic sheath dress.


The Edgy Bride

Maybe you are looking to take a hard left away from anything traditional and are ready to take a step into an edgier look that will be something to remember. Well, you can dance to the beat of your own drum without sacrificing the bridal feeling that you still want to capture. These Cascading earrings hang in a waterfall of sparkle and glamour while giving you some edge with their gunmetal grey stones inlaid into them. This way, you get the best of both worlds.


The Flower Lover

For this Bride, it is all about flowers, whether in the decor, the venue, or the dress. She loves the fresh and floral vibes and only wants the brightest blooms to be a part of her big day. If this sounds like you, then we suggest accenting your big day look with the Star Jasmine Drops from EARA. These earrings are dripping with sparkling flowers that will be sure to shine.

The Star-Crossed Romantic

If you for sure have stars in your eyes for your big day, then these Celestial inspired earrings will be perfect for you. Their unique shape and stunning and sparkling stones are a showstopper that will leave you and your SO breathless during your walk down the aisle.


The Something Blue

Still on the search for something blue? Well, look no further than the EARA Stella Drop Earrings. It's safe to say that the tradition of having something blue can easily be done with jewelry. But you want to make sure that it doesn't just fulfill the superstition, but that it also brings you joy and rounds out your wedding day look. Thankfully these drop earrings pair a simple silhouette with intricate blue hems and stones to complement.

The Modern Bride

Maybe you're looking to go outside the realm of traditional bridal jewelry, with the large sparkly stones that are typically common. For the Bride embracing sleek and modern styles, you will fall in love with these Billie Statement Clip-on earrings. The oversize teardrop style is a modern take on a classic silhouette that is perfect for a contemporary look and still keeps a nod to the traditional with being encrusted in sparkling rhinestones.

The Showstopper

From your shoes to your dress to your makeup, you want time to stop as you walk down the aisle. Having everyone in awe of your wedding day look is a must, which is why these Oscar De La Renta Jeweled Drops are the perfect choice for you. The Swarovski crystal-studded pendants will take your look to a whole new level and leave you breathless.

The Vintage Beauty

If your penchant for vintage styles has made it into your wedding day styling, then we get it. There is something incredibly romantic about the antique golds and champagne tones, intricate lace, and fashion of a time that's gone. Authentic vintage finds may be beyond your price range or not sensitive for your ears, and newer styles may miss the mark. That's why we love these Embellish Drop Earrings. Its gorgeous antique coloring and intricate design capture the vintage feel perfectly.


The High Fashion Bride

If you are planning for your walk down the aisle to be adjacent to red carpet, award-winning look, then you are going to need earrings that match that splendor. The Ben-Amun earrings are the perfect pieces to match the energy you are looking to bring. Don't let the name fool you; there is nothing mini about these stone-studded, 24K gold earrings that are punctuated with a stunning pearl pendant. 

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