Choosing The Right Clip-on Earrings For Your Ears

Let’s be real, not all ears are created equal, and while the rest of the jewelry world has caught on to the need for necklaces, bracelets, and rings to come in different sizes and styles that are easy to adjust…earrings have not come that far. While traditional piercings give the illusion that all ears are the same, even then you can face some woes, be it from possible infection or something as simple as earring posts simply not being long enough to wear. And when it comes to clip-on earrings, it seems like they come with their own formula to figure out.

With the plethora of styles that clip-on earrings now come in, finding what works for your ears can make your head spin. What’s going to provide the most comfort? Are these adjustable? And where can I find these styles? Well for finding your perfect style, we’ll have you covered, but for all your other questions, we hope to shed some light on what you need to gravitate to and what you need to steer clear of when shopping for your perfect clip-ons.


Thick Earlobes

If you have thicker earlobes, then comfort is going to be a big priority for you. While you have no problem with your clip-ons staying on, having them on without discomfort is most likely your main obstacle. Because of this, we suggest avoiding traditional clip-on earrings such as paddle backs or hinges style, and most of the clip-on earrings you found in a vintage store, are more likely to be pinching for your ears. 

If you are looking to add new styles to your collection, just know that here at EARA we do tension adjustments for all of our paddle back and mini clip styles. This way, you can enjoy your new earrings right away with no fuss.

Choosing The Right Clip-on Earrings For Your Ears_thick earlobes

Another tip if you have thick earlobes, look into styles with adjustable backings such as screw-backs or Invisible clip-on earrings, you can adjust these styles to your liking, and be able to loosen up the clip to fit your ears. We also highly suggest Resin pad clip-on earrings. Not only is there a pad on the backs of the earrings that allows for longer wear, but you can also adjust it to your ear thickness. For example, you can gently bend the earring back to provide more space for your ear.

If you already have the traditional styles of clip-on earrings in your jewelry arsenal, don’t throw them out yet! There are plenty of ways to adjust them to make them more comfortable for wearing. We’ve taken some time to put some tips together for you on adjusting your clip-ons: HOW TO MAKE YOUR CLIP-ON EARRINGS COMFORTABLE.


Thin Earlobes 

While thick earlobes have the issue of clip-ons being too tight, if you have thinner earlobes, you most likely deal with earrings slipping from your ears easily and not staying on. To help combat this problem, it’s going to be best for you to stay away from invisible clip-ons with larger and heavier earring styles, such as our Aurelia hoops.

Choosing The Right Clip-on Earrings For Your Ears

The reason why you should stay away from heavier and larger earrings with invisible clip-ons is that they don’t provide great hold, especially for thinner ears. Because of their flexible resin design, it can cause the heavier earrings to slip from your ear much easier than other backings, and increases the possibility of you losing your earrings. But any stud earrings or lighter earrings styles with invisible clips such as our Trini Dangling Stones and Gemma Drop should be fitting on your ears with no problem at all.

If you are looking for more styles that can accommodate thin earlobes, we are also suggesting sliding spring clip-ons like our 
Dew Drop Clip-ons. If you are still wanting to rock larger and heavier pieces, then stick with styles that utilize more Traditional clips, such as paddle backs and Mini clips as they provide better grips for thinner earlobes.


Average Earlobes

For average earlobes that do not fall into either category of being too thick or too thin, you are the lucky ones where you are free to try all types of clip-on styles as long as you don’t have sensitive or damaged ears. Our entire collection is made for YOU! You have the luxury of being able to participate in more traditional clip-on earring backs, or exploring the newer types of clip-on earrings. 

 Choosing The Right Clip-on Earrings For Your Ears

Torn or Split earlobes

One of the first concerns we are covering, besides the thickness of earlobes, is torn or split earlobes. Torn earlobes happen whenever you cause damage to your ear either by it happening gradually over time by heavy or large earrings dragging your lobe down, or by an earring being caught and ripped from your ear abruptly. As you may have guessed, these injuries are most likely to happen when you have your ears pierced and are wearing traditional piercings. 

While in some cases an overly stretched or torn ear can heal on its own, if the injury is small enough, in most cases you will have to see a doctor to repair your earlobe. Because of this, you mustn’t wear any jewelry that can cause further damage to the ear. We strongly suggest sticking to 
Ear cuffsStuds, and Huggies, as these styles can be worn along the ear and they are lightweight enough not to cause further damage to your ears. 

Choosing The Right Clip-on Earrings For Your Ears
This is a similar case for ears that are completely split. Whereas torn earlobes may still be intact, split earlobes have completely split in half in some places due to gradual or sudden injury. Similar to torn ears, we also suggest sticking to ear cuffs, as these can be comfortably worn and adjusted along the middle and top of your ears, where cartilage piercings typically are. 

Also, if you are looking for a way to cover up the split in your ear, maybe for a night out or an event, there are plenty of styles that are lightweight and can be worn away from your injury, while also still covering it. For example, our 
Gold Daisy Clip-ons are light enough to not cause injury on your ear and large enough to cover any ear tears or splits. 

Sensitive Ears

Finally, if you are looking to wear earrings, but have sensitive ears, we completely get you. Whether it's metal sensitivity or the fact that you’re more sensitive to ear pain, there are styles that will suit you just fine.

Choosing The Right Clip-on Earrings For Your Ears

If you have metal sensitivity then we suggest steering clear of metal completely and moving towards resin clips. While many brands and earrings can say that their styles are 18K gold, sterling silver, or even titanium, even the smallest bit of metal impurity can cause a flare-up for sensitive ears. But, if you are finding it hard to get your preferred style of earrings with resin backings, utilizing earring pads on mini clips and paddle backs can be a good solution, resin pad clipons. are perfect for you as well. This way there is a boundary between your ear and the metal that not only reduces the risk of an allergic reaction but also provides comfort for your ears as well. 



No matter what ears you have, nothing should stop you from enjoying the styles and jewelry you love. All it takes is a little bit of research and problem-solving to see how you can enjoy your earrings.



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I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the invisible clip earrings to stay on my ear. Can you guys guide me on how to properly put these ones on? Thank you!

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