A Gift For Generations: Mother's Day Gift Guide

Jewelry is one of the most common pieces to gift, especially during Mother’s day. We love showering our moms with pieces that reflect their beauty and personality, but maybe we can think of gifting in a different way. Another important gift that a mother can receive is sharing and bonding with their daughters through ways of sharing said jewelry.


So when you are purchasing earrings for the mother figure in your life, let’s take the time to think about how it will be shared for generations to come. The first thing to consider when doing this, is to think of purchasing clip-ons, as no matter the age, they are a safe option to wear. This way whether the wearer has pierced ears or not, they can still wear these pieces with no concern.  The second is to think of the personality of who will be wearing them.


Personality is key when choosing the perfect piece of jewelry for mom, not only because you want to reflect her beauty in it, but also because you want there to be meaning that will carry on for those she shares these pieces with. Take a look at these earring ideas that will be sure to show off mom’s personality and will be a piece that she will gladly pass down.


For the Queen of the Garden

For the lover of flowers and everything outdoors, capture her love of it by letting it reflect in her jewelry. The Clementine Floral Earrings are perfect for this, as they boast vibrant colors and beautiful designs of flowers and birds. These earrings reflect her free spirit and vivacious personality as well as her ability to always stop and smell the roses.

Her outlook on the beauty around her will be reflected in these earrings and will be passed down to everyone who wears them.


For the Lover of Classics

A classic woman deserves a classic style. Whether she is running errands on the weekdays or meeting friends on the weekends, her style and love are unwavering and ever-constant. Our Dew Drop Earrings are the perfect mix of classic styling with a hint of sparkling detail that makes them and the mom in your life stand out.
clip-on earrings for mother's day

Just like her these earrings will never go out of style and will be a staple for every jewelry box for years to come, which makes it the gift that keeps on giving.


For the One Who Always Makes a Statement

For the mom who has never been afraid to make a statement and be herself, give her something that reflects her bold personality and unwavering choice to always be herself. Just like our Mondrian Earrings she is sure in herself and is never afraid to show off how unique she is.
clip on earrings for mother

When she passes these earrings down to her daughters, they will be reminded of their mother’s confidence and always be reminded that the best thing that they can be is themselves.


 For the One Who Shines in Any Room

Her smile lights up a room and you can’t help but love her. Not only do you love her to the moon and back but she shines just like the stars in the sky. Show off that beautiful glow she has on the inside, by gifting her the sparkling Celeste Hoops to wear on the outside.
clip on earrings for mother

These hoops are perfect to capture her sparkling personality and will help whomever she passes them down to be a light in any space as well.


Bring meaning to gifting jewelry and make sure that it truly reflects the beautiful traits of your mom, so that once she passes it down to another, they see her reflected in the earrings and carry on that legacy for generations to come.

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