How to Get Ear Stack Styles Without Any Piercing

Looking to revamp your jewelry game but feel like the latest trends are unattainable without piercings? Well, we are here to tell you that you can get the look that you want! We have earring suggestions that are not just for the pierced but for anyone looking to participate in the trends like stacking earrings, mix and match styles, or just giving the appearance of double or triple piercings. Let's get into some of the beautiful looks for you to choose from right here at EARA.


Ciana Clip-on Huggie


If you are looking for an elegant take on this trend, then the Ciana hoops are perfect for you. These slim ear-hugging clip-ons are studded with sparkling stones and a timeless piece that can easily elevate your nighttime and party looks. You can use these hoops as a starter for your earring stacking and attaching it to your main lobe, or you can add multiples to your ear. Because of their size and style, you can add two of these to your ears easily. 


Aurora Ear Cuff


If you are looking for the perfect pair to the Cianas, may we suggest pairing them with these beauties? While a small band of sparkling stones accents the Ciana hoops, the Aurora ear cuffs are the perfect foil with their thicker band and multiple rows of stones. This is the perfect intro to mixing and matching cuffs because they reflect each other's styles and require little thought in styling. 


Athena Cuffs


If your style is a bit edgier, then the Athena Cuffs will be your go-to's for stacking. While they are small in style, they can pack a punch style-wise as a stacking staple. Their smaller size means that they are lightweight and the perfect size to imitate a helix piercing. Placing these at the top of your outer ear will be an ideal companion to other small silver hoops and maybe an exciting and edgy main earring at the bottom, like our Soluna Two Tone Chain Earrings.


Mariah Huggie Hoops


If you're looking to take a step into the big trend of pairing hoops with multiple "piercings," these Mariah clip-on hoops are the perfect piece to get you started. They are sleek, simple, and a jewelry box staple. We suggest pairing this piece with the Athena ear cuffs for an ultra-sleek and modern look that you can rock day and night.


Aaliyah Gold Hoops


Since we are on the topic of hoops and stacking, we would be remiss to mention our cult classic Aaliyah Hoops. While they are larger than the smaller silver hoops from before, styling them is simple and filled with many options. We like to wear them by pairing them with a sparkling ear cuff for the nighttime or leaning into the 90s feel by keeping the styling simple and sleek with a mix of thin and thick golden ear cuffs like the Moon Shell Cuffs or the Hera Quilted Cuffs. 


Soleil Ear Cuff


Finally, let's finish out this style guide with our wild card, a spiked ear cuff. The golden ear cuff's spiked details may seem a bit daunting to some, but styling it is just as easy as styling a simple ear cuff. Capitalize on the gold by incorporating the metal into other studs or cuffs you choose to pair, and utilize this cuff as the statement piece of your earring stack. Having multiple statement pieces on your ear can look a bit overwhelming, so keep this the focus by pairing it with a simple ear cuff; we suggest a thin cold band and some sparkly studs to tie in the stones from the cuff. 






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