Clip-on Earrings Gift Guide for That Special Someone

Valentine's Day is all about showing love to your special someone, and while we can't provide you with the chocolate or roses, jewelry is our forté. But with it being such a standard gift, it's crucial that whatever piece you choose for your loved one is a true reflection of who they are. That way, the jewelry piece won't be something that they keep in the box forever, but something they can wear and love for years to come. 

For The Hopeless Romantic

In love with love, your hopeless romantic is always looking for the perfect movie moment that will sweep them off their feet. Whether it's a big gesture that everyone sees or something small and just for them, as long as the gift is from the heart, they will for sure be head over heels.

For these crusaders of romance, you should gift them something just as grand as their love is. The Stella Drop Earrings will dazzle anyone with their sparkling stones. With their classic shape and carefully placed gems, these earrings came straight out of a fairytale and are the perfect piece to surprise your SO with before your Valentine's date. 


For The Lover of Classic Romances

Whether it be Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett or The Duke and Daphne Bridgerton, there is nothing quite like a classical romance that plucks at the heartstrings of this Valentine. They love seeing the scenes and scandals that come along with these classical works and would give everything to place themselves in the bright and bustling ballrooms of a Jane Austen novel. 

While ball gowns and bowing is not our current reality, our Elizabeth Pearl Dangles will make anyone feel like they are about to meet with the queen. From the pearl details to the intricate shape, they are a necessity for any Victorian-era lover. 


For the Romantic Comedian

While love is always on their radar, they don't take it too seriously. The rom-com aficionado believes that true love comes when laughter is involved. They march to the beat of their drum, including how they choose to fall in love. For these fun-loving romantics that stole your heart with their punchy pick-up lines, zest for life, and sweet and sassy disposition, the Dainty Candy Stud Earrings are the perfect piece. These cute and quirky studs show them that every day you spend with them is always a sweet adventure.

For The Star-Crossed Lover

Two people brought together by fate is the ideal way to fall in love, and for you and your partner, it felt just like that, a match made in heaven. Not only do you think that the stars told your love, but you see them shine every time you look into their eyes. The Shooting Star Hoops will be the piece that will keep their eyes shining long after Valentine's Day. These hoops that drip with sparkling jewels will always remind them of the out-of-this-world love you have for them. 


While jewelry may seem like a cliché and overdone way to gift on the day of love, we know that it can be significant when proper thought is behind it. So whether you are buying for a new flame or a long-time partner, make sure the piece that your gift reflects your love for them. 


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