8 Things That People Without Pierced Ears Absolutely Love


While some of us have had pierced ears since our infant days, a lot of us didn't have parents who carried us to get our ears pierced as young ones, and honestly, …we are grateful for that!

While we may get an inevitable shocked response when our peers find out that we didn’t go through this apparent rite of passage, we also know, just how great it is to be piercing free. Honestly, there is a lot to love about that that our pierced counterparts won’t get.


1. No Need for Needles


Perhaps one of the best things is that we don’t have to deal with the needles! First of all, even if we wanted to get our ears pierced, why would we voluntarily have needles near our precious ears? Honestly, nothing seems fun about that at all.

Plus, we have all been there with our friends, holding their hands as they get their ears pierced for the third time, and wonder “why are they purposefully doing this to themselves?” 


2. Infections? Don’t Know Them


We don't have to worry about the risk of getting our ears infected, and that has to be the absolute top reason why we love remaining non-pierced.

With piercing your ears comes the risk of getting a nasty infection if you don't do enough research on the place you're getting your ears pierced at, have allergies to the type of metal used in the earrings, or if you do not take care of your piercing correctly.

To be honest, this sounds like a ton of work, and we are happy with the fact that we don’t have to do that.


3. Lack of Random Holes in Your Ears


Because we made a choice not to have holes put into our ears, we can go earring free without having any unseemly holes ruining our close-up pictures at the beach.  So this is a massive plus in our books.

4. Experimenting With Other Forms of Jewelry

Earrings aren’t the only form of jewelry that we have the pleasure in having. There are so many options for non-pierced ears now that we honestly have no need or desire to get our ears pierced. Besides having necklaces, bracelets, and rings that we can add to our accessories, we also have ear cuffs as well!

Not only are ear cuffs a great accessory that requires no piercings they also come in a multitude of styles, colors, and sizes. These awesome little accessories can be worn for anything from mimicking multiple piercings without the pain to being statement pieces for a night out.

5. Finding Cute Clip-Ons

Now even though we love our pure ears, we sometimes do wish that we could participate in the earring game, after all, there are some amazingly cute earrings out there. That’s where clip-ons come in.

Clip-on earrings give us all the style of the earring trends we love, with none of the commitment of getting our ears pierced which is a win-win situation in our books.


6. Not Getting Their Hair Stuck

We have all been out with our friends and have heard them yelp in pain as they get their hair caught in one of their earrings. The pain of having both your hair being pulled from the earrings and your earlobe being yanked from your hair is something that we never have to deal with.

7. No Clutter


By not having to deal with earrings, this means we also don’t have to deal with organizing them and keeping them all together in their pairs, which can be a huge pain.

Managing all the earrings, keeping them organized, in their respective pairs, and with backs that won't have them sliding out of your ears is a huge hassle that we gratefully don't have to go through. With clip-on earrings, there are no earring backs that you have to keep track of and sort through and ear cuffs are things that can be worn as singles, pairs, or mix-matched.

8. All in All Just being Fabulous

Honestly, the thing that we love the most about not having our ears pierced is that we just know that we are fantastic and fabulous without them. 

While earrings are definitely cute, and we do have our moments of picking up a pair, realizing that they don't come in clip-on form, and then cursing the fashion industry, we also utilize the other options we have in accessorizing. We love the fact that we don’t have to go through pain, risk infection, or have holes in our ears to be fashionable.


So while earrings are cool and all, we simply just don't need them all the time and that's what we love the most about keeping our ears un-pierced. But when we want to add a little fashion to our ears, we have no problem finding alternatives to piercings.

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