To the Clipons I've Loved Before

To my dearest first clipons:

Before I met you, I had never owned a pair of earrings. I didn’t think it was a good idea to pierce my ears just for the sake of wearing accessories, so I never bothered looking at earrings. Until that one fateful day, I chanced upon you in a glass cabinet at the flea market on Alemany. My heart skipped a beat; I thought I had to look at you. You were simple but delicate. You were a mix of black and white colors with a dainty gold braid along the edge. Your teardrop shape made you stand out from the others. I loved every single detail about you, including the most important one - you were clipons! You were the perfect earrings I never knew I needed, and now you’re mine.

eara first clipon earrings

You and I had the greatest time together. You seemed to go well with the outfit I chose to wear for every occasion - from a casual day out to a fancy dinner date. In fact, you were the first thing I put on before I even picked my outfit! I was so glad I had found you. You were one-of-a-kind, no one else in this world but I had anything like you, and that made me feel special. You were my everyday earrings, until that one night, I lost one of you.

I know, I know. I should not have brought you to the night club. I should have checked on you while I was dancing. The moment I realized one of you was missing, I got goosebumps all over my skin. I panicked. I looked for you. I asked around for you. I even looked under couches and tables, but I still couldn’t find you. Sadly, this was how our night ended. 

Goodbye, my first.


* * * 


To my most loved vintage clipons:

Truth be told, I was still fairly heart-broken from losing one of my first earrings when I first got you. You looked too much like my first pair with the teardrop shape and shiny black color. Words could not describe how elated I was when I finally found you on my umpteenth trip to the flea market, but for the wrong reasons. You probably knew this when I tried pairing you with the surviving twin of the first. It was a disaster in every way imaginable. It took me a while, but in time I realized I had to move on from my first and to learn to lean on your uniqueness.

You were bold, and boy, did you give me a hard time finding a matching outfit that could measure up to your brilliance! Your vintage vibe made me want to try on different styles of clothing, and surprisingly, I liked that. I soon learned that you matched perfectly with my favorite heels, but not my Converse. You made me look mature but classy at the same time, like someone who would order an old fashioned at the bar. You were cool and opinionated, but in a good way. Because of you, I began to develop my taste for different styles of clip-on earrings. 

Thank you, my second.

to the clipons I've loved



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