8 Brands with a Great Clip-On Earrings Selection

Let’s face it, if you don’t have your ears pierced, it can be hard to find brands that cater to us. We see the new and trendy earrings coming out or have an outfit that we want to spice up with some earrings, and envy those who don’t have to ask the question “do they have a clip-on version of this?”

Unfortunately, we can sometimes feel like we are in the minority when it comes to accessorizing especially when you are looking for clip-on earrings that feel comfortable, look trendy, and match your personal style. That’s why we did the research for you and found eight brands that not only have clip-on earrings but also provide a wide selection for you to choose from.


1. Kenneth Jay Lane

Price Range: $$ - $$$

best clip on earrings brand

Kenneth Jay Lane is a designer who has brought fashion and costume jewelry to the forefront of fashion. You have most likely seen his pieces on stars like Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Lady Gaga. His pieces are not only for the red carpet but for every woman looking to add some fun to her jewelry stash. Lane himself says that he likes "to create jewelry that can be worn any time of the year, by any woman."

While Lane has created pieces that reflect the modern minimalism currently trending in jewelry, he still has plenty of pieces that have a vintage feel or are a bit more fun and experimental in style and color. Take the Gold Doorknocker Clip Earrings, for example. They not only are reminiscent of a vintage look, with the gold coloring of the seashell, but they can also elevate a casual dress for a weekday dinner party. 



Price Range: $ - $$ 

aaliyah clip-on gold hoops

With a brand name created from a mix of the words ear and era, EARA has been looking to transform how we look at earrings since they launched. Unlike other brands, EARA is dedicated to creating modern and fashionable pieces, specifically for those who have made the decision to either not pierce their ears or venture towards safer earrings options. They aim to change people's perception of clip-ons from being limited in styles to being diversified and mainstream. 

Traditionally, clip-on earrings can look rather bulky and heavy in their design. EARA has created designs that range from minimalistic and dainty designs to incredibly elaborate ones, and pieces that double as modern art pieces. Take a look at the Aaliyah Clip-on Gold Hoop Earrings, that marries a classic and delicate style into a modern form. It goes to show how EARA is great at looking to the past for inspirations and recasting them in fashionable contemporary styles. 


3. Lauren by Ralph Lauren

Price Range: $ - $$ 

Best Brands For Clip On EarringsFor over 50 years, Ralph Lauren has become a household name in fashion and lifestyle, providing options for all types of customers with varying interests in style. They consistently prove themselves as innovators within the fashion industry and state that "each new look and every new dream is [their] opportunity to win over new generations."

The specific brand of Lauren by Ralph Lauren looks to highlight timeless and modernly feminine styles. You can see this particular look in their earrings, as they have created a line of accessories that cater not only to pierced ears but also to those who prefer clip-ons. This particular collection features beautiful and simple clip-on earrings, like the Crest Button Clip-Ons that features Ralph Lauren’s signature crest on the front. 



4. Baublebar

Price Range: $ - $$ 

Best Brands For Clip On Earrings

Founded in 2010, Baublebar's philosophy, when it comes to their jewelry, is that you should "invest in the essentials and play with trends." With everything designed in their New York headquarters, Baublebar has been developing creative and fun pieces for every type of style. 

Baublebar’s pieces can range anywhere from minimalist chic to large and in charge statement pieces. You can even find looks that follow popular trends today like the beautiful Vina Druzy Drop that mimics the look of shining gemstones.


5. J.Crew

Price Range: $ - $$

Best Brands For Clip On EarringsFor 35 years, J. Crew has made a name for itself in providing effortless and timeless clothes season after season. In the words of J. Crew, they believe in “looking like a million bucks, not spending it.” From being utterly creative to incredibly affordable, there’s a reason why J. Crew is on our list when it comes to having quality clip-on earrings for you.


6. Kendra Scott

Price Range: $$ - $$$

Best Brands For Clip On Earrings

Named after the founder, Kendra Scott is a brand that had its start as a $500 project in the namesake's bedroom and turned into a billion-dollar fashion brand. Now, Kendra Scott continues to utilize color and quality materials to create pieces that are timeless for all of her loyal customers.

Kendra Scott's style of earrings is very modern and rooted in beautiful colors. Popular for the natural stones and teardrop format, they are usually only available for pierced ears, but many of her styles have been adapted for clip-on as well. For example, the Misha Clip-on Earrings boasts the classic stone detailing and color, while also utilizing the modern tassel look. 



7. Sachin and Babi

Price Range: $$$ - $$$$

best clip on earrings brands

Sachin and Babi have been putting creativity and quality first in their accessories. Built on a family business based on love, Sachin and Babi have worked hard to provide customers with amazing craftsmanship that truly reflect their customers.

Sachin and Babi incorporate color, texture, and remarkable embroidery into their craft. This means that you will have incredibly unique and detailed oriented pieces that will make a statement. Take a look at some of their vibrant clip-on earrings such as the Cleo Earrings and see for yourself just how extraordinary this brand is. 


8. Chanel

Price Range: $$$$

Best Brands For Clip On Earrings

From the iconic “little black dress” to the fitted woman’s skirt suit and the classic No. 5 perfume, Chanel has been a household name in fashion since 1909. The French fashion house has been setting trends and making waves in women’s fashion with not only clothes but also accessories that are to die for. This includes clip-on earrings! Yes, this high brand has a wide array of vintage clip-on earring that you will for sure love.

The iconic styles from the 1980s and 90s are what most people think of when they think of "vintage Chanel jewelry." The decadent style of Chanel is captured perfectly in these Lapis Lazuli CC Logo Clip-On Earrings, it shows off the signature look of Chanel perfectly, while also the beautiful craftsmanship, quality, and elegance.


Did we cover your favorite brand for clip-ons here? Comment below and let us know!

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